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Thick Blue Scrunchie


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We are proud to be showcasing the beautiful work of Althea Wolf, owner of Hawtmi Customs. This scrunchie features beautiful fabrics and top-notch craftsmanship. We are honored to partner with talented artists like Althea Wolf and bring their creations to the world as a part of our Northwest Native American Designer Showcase.


“Hawtmi is on the Southside of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. We have always been isolated, but this enabled generations of hide-makers, glovers, weavers, and later bead-workers, quilt-makers and seamstresses. In times of social conflict these talents enabled women in the family to earn a living. I was introduced to sewing by my mother and grandmothers. We sewed teepees in the front yard, sweathouse doors in living rooms, quilts in dining rooms, and regalia for each other in our homes. My mom sewed my sister and I clothes for school and she sewed all of my siblings’ regalia dresses, ribbon shirts and coats, as well as our beadwork. I build on what has been passed down, so not everything my models wear is made by me; hence the name Hawtmi Customs. I started to design as a teenager, but my mom is the reason anything was completed. I did not start designing and sewing on my own until my mid-twenties when I sewed my mom a very pitiful quilt that she is very proud of. I sew for my husband, nephews, nieces, and children, in addition to delving into fashion. I like incorporating older silhouettes with native designs and colors. I am a Umatilla tribal member and I am Hawtmi.” -Althea Wolf


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The history of the Hamley & Co. Western Store began in Cornwall, England, where the trade of saddle and leather craftsmanship was passed down from generation to generation. The Hamley tradition found its way to America and in 1883, J.J. and Henry Hamley established Hamley & Co. In 1905, Hamley & Co. found a permanent home in Pendleton, Oregon and set up shop in the same building that exists today.

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